Friday, July 01, 2005

"Wednesday Night Fever: Inside the growing, and changing, Israeli folk dance phenomenon."

See this wonderful article in last week's New York Jewish Week:

My own favorite Israeli folk dance session is the Rikudei Dor Rishon (Dances of the First Generation) "nostalgia" session run on Sunday nights from Labor Day weekend through roughly Memorial Day weekend at Bridge for Dance, 2726 Broadway at 104th Street, Manhattan (New York, NY). It's run by Haim Kaufman, the guy in the blue t-shirt leading several of the dances on the Photo Gallery page at

The Punster loves the session that Ruth Goodman—mentioned in the article as of the teachers at the 92nd Street Y's session—runs at Ansche Chesed (100th Street and West End Ave., Manhattan, New York, NY) on Monday nights. I can't go, unfortunately, because the more modern dances that she plays feature a lot of spins in the partner dances, and spins make me fall over like a dreidel. (What can I say? I'm a dizzy dame. :) ) But the dances are really good!

There are also sessions in the so-called "outer boroughs" (Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island).

And don't forget that, if you're not into holding hands with a member of the opposite sex, for religious reasons (see, you don't have to! Just dance behind the circle. Kippah-clad men, and women wearing skirts covering the knees, do that all the time.

Feel free to drop by the 92nd Street Y, the Bridge for Dance, Ansche Chesed, or your local Israeli folk dance session, and enjoy!


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